Andrea Kleine + Bobby Previte: — MEMOIR: a collaboration between performance artist Andrea Kleine and composer Bobby Previte that is an ongoing, endless performance work in the form of a workshop/rehearsal residency. MEMOIR is simultaneously a dance-theater piece, a live movie, a concert, and a group video chat.

Inspired by the diary of Anne Frank, the life of film noir star Veronica Lake, and the psychology of confinement, MEMOIR is a nexus of live, projected transmissions from actors and dancers performing in their homes and musicians performing live in the theater. Through a collision of the virtual and physical, the piece explores our relationship to technology-enhanced memory and the slipperiness of shared experience.

Kleine and Previte collaborate with local artists and students in a project-based course. Students are active co-creators of the piece, designing, orchestrating, interpreting, and devising new material.

As MEMOIR explores ways of communication through isolation, it is a piece that constantly dissects and resurrects itself. In the first iteration, musicians re-compose an electronic score for acoustic instruments and actors performer remotely. In later iterations, the acoustic score will be sampled back into a new electronic score and actors will perform on stage. And once again everything will change and re-form using material created in previous workshops as the piece cycles from analog to digital, live to disembodied performers, re-inventing  source material as the copy-of-a-copy evolves into a work of its own.


The project is developed in two sections that work separately for the first half of the residency and then come together to create the public performance for the second half. MEMOIR can be a workshop/residency project lasting from one month to one semester. Its participants can be professional musicians and artists or university students concentrating on music, new media art, theater, dance, performance, installation, or interdisciplinary studies.


In this project-based course, students are active collaborators in the re-imagination of Kleine’s performance work, MEMOIR. Developing a hybrid form of theater, film, new media art, and performance, the project creates a "theater of the personal" by visualizing interiority through video chat, diaries, movie fantasies, online personalities, private rituals, and unrequited communiqués. By merging forms the project exposes the mechanics of the theatrical performance, bringing the digital into the analog and the virtual into the physical and vice versa. This project explores staging dance for the camera; the usability and performability of consumer communication software; the temporal entrapment of bodies, machines, and imagery; improvisation; confronting failure; video projection design and installation; creating a live movie.



In this project-based course, students are active collaborators in the re-imagination of a interdisciplinary performance work, MEMOIR. Working collaboratively, students will form an acoustic ensemble that will transcribe, re-conceptualize, re-compose, and perform the music from MEMOIR. Originally created as a late 1990s electronic score by sampling and processing acoustic instruments, our ensemble will re-interpret this music back into the acoustic realm using all manner of notation – traditional to graphic – and watch it transform into a completely new work. Students will then rehearse and develop the ensemble until all 36 movements are able to be played live.  Through this process students will explore composition, orchestration, group improvisation, interdisciplinary collaboration, scoring for theater/dance/visual art, and extended instrumental techniques.


In their collaborations, Andrea Kleine (writer, director, performance artist) and Bobby Previte (musician and composer) create performance projects with live music in which the music is integral to the theatrical concept. Their previous collaborative works include THE SEPARATION (Walker Art Center, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center), DIORAMA (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council), and RATIONALITY (site-specific work). Andrea Kleine has received numerous commissions, grants, and awards including five MacDowell Colony fellowships and the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) fellowship award. Bobby Previte was named a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow. MEMOIR has received  support from the New York State Council on the Arts Independent Artists Program and Composer Commission Program.