“The effort combines early music with droning, spaced-out doom, and the end result is surprisingly, wondrously addictive. I listened to it three times in a row without even noticing yesterday, then once I snapped out of my trance, put it on again.” — NOISEY

“But what sets this release apart is the sheer power of the new and old. The guitars and organ loudly o!set the delicacy of the singing in such a fashion that the listener is transported to place of ancient darkness. There is a distinct beauty that cannot be denied amongst all of the distortion and complexity. A highly recommended release and on my list for best of 2016.” — AVANT MUSIC NEWS

“Mass is brilliant. It’s alternately yet simultaneously arresting, beguiling, and menacing; it dynamically illustrates the aesthetic scope of color, timbre, and texture between sacred and secular music. This is Previte’s masterpiece.” — ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“A kind of heavy metal Requiem Mass, full of thrashing feedback guitars and grinding power chords, hellacious fuzz bass, thunderous beats and the glorious sound of a Renaissance vocal choir, Mass is unlike anything Previte has done before.”

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