MASS: A heavy metal requiem

"All music drama is a kind of betrayal"--Olivier Messiaen

Live at the Walker Art Center, 2007. Marco Benevento, organ, Reed Mathis, guitar and bass, The Rose Ensemble, voices, Christine Holt, actor

MASS (The Separation)

A choral mass in nine movements. An essay on the short life of a lonely sheep. A dark parable about the death of the individual. A heavy metal requiem.

Bobby Previte teams up with writer/director Andrea Kleine, and visual artist Anna Kiraly to create a highly combustible fusion of art, theater, and music.

Previte's doom metal trio crashes into the mystical voices of The Rose Ensemble in a re-imagination of both Guilliaume Dufay's 15th century choral epic, Missa Sancti Jacobi, and Olivier Messiaen's organ masterwork, La Nativitié du Seigneur. Eerie shadow puppet films creep across Kleine's dark story about the dueling desires of conformity and individuality - a critical examination of the so-called separation of Church and State.

MASS - a theater piece about music. A live band invading a stage play. The future invading the past.

Listen to 'Alleluia'  from the RareNoise 2016 release