35 1/2: composer for a piece by Anysley Vandenbroucke

Created by Aynsley Vandenbroucke in close collaboration with the performers and designers
Performed by Lauren Grace Bakst, Vicky Shick, Rebecca Warner
Music created and performed live by Bobby Previte
Lighting design by Nelson R. Downend, Jr.
Costume design NOT by Jenny Lai
Commissioned by and premiered May 15-18, 2013 at The Chocolate Factory Theater
Videography by Jenny and Johannes Holub

In 35 1/2, four performers grapple with opposites, which aren’t really opposites. They play with dancing + thinking, writing + reading, analyzing + immersing, performing + being. They are organized by flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. They are influenced by pleasure, uncreativity, excess, focus, and subtlety. Life enters in.

Additional funding provided by an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Princeton University Faculty Research Grants, and residencies at Yaddo, Mount Tremper Arts, Princeton and The Chocolate Factory.