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Previte’s first release of a five record deal with Gramavision Records, was released in 1987. This record is the culmination of Previte’s early style, writing for two horns, piano, bass and drums. This record put him sqarely in the camp of the handful of original writers working with a traditional jazz instrumentation. This record, however, stood the idea of what jazz writing was supposed to be on it’s head.

The Village Voice—"The intuitive rightness of every improvisation makes Pushing the Envelope one of the finest releases by a New York artist in 1987."

"Pushing The Envelope"

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  1. Open World (5:38) (3.9MB mp3 download) listen
  2. Ballad Noir (6:09)
  3. Once (7:39)
  4. Mirror, Mirror (3:06)
  5. 102 Degrees in the Shade (8:34)
  6. Pushing the Envelope (11:29)
Wayne Horvitz :: piano
Tom Varner :: french horn
David Hofstra :: bass, tuba
Marty Ehrlich :: tenor saxophone, alto saxophone on (4)
Lindsey Horner :: bass on (6)
Bobby Previte :: drums

Recorded at Radio City Studio, March 31, April 1, July 17, 1987.
Recorded by Don Hunerberg. Mixed by Jim Anderson.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk.
Produced by Bobby Previte.
Cover art (original): Ivan Chermayeff.
Cover art (reissue): MaryAnn Southard.

1987 - Gramavision, 18-8711-1 (LP), 18-8711-2 (CD)
1995 - Gramavision GCD 79509 (CD)

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